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lectroencepha▓lograph headsets, need better security, after a ▓study revealed hackers could guess a user's▓ password by monitoring their brainwaves, US-based science news websit▓e Science Daily reported in July 2017.The supervi▓sion of stored data must be enhanced to avoid da▓ta trading and leaking. "Workers wearing the device should also be fully in▓formed about the purpose and work mode▓ of the surveillance devices," Zhu warned.S▓tressing that the hats are not b▓rain-reading machines, as they can only measure the mood and not read the reasons behind t▓hem, Ma noted that the technology does not infr▓inge on users' privacy."It

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ons fo▓r EEG headsets internationally, digital news sit▓e reported in December. In Singapo▓re, one tourism company used the Emotiv EEG headset to monitor the reactions of children and adults at various tourist attractions.Just as in other countries, China has used the technology in t▓he military, where it shows promising prospects, Ma said.Though China's research in the fi▓eld did not start until a decade ago, the ▓country's technology on brain information collecting and analysis is on a par▓ with that of developed Western cou▓ntries, said Ma.  Please scan th▓e QR Code to follow

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s: 4 pairs spotted in Q105-07-2018 11:23 BJTFour wild giant panda cubs were spotted at different times strolli▓ng aro

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und with their mothers in a nature reserve in northwestern China in recent months, authorities said ▓on Sunday.Infrar

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ed cameras in the Baishuijiang N▓ational Nature Reserve in Gansu provinc▓e caught four panda cubs trailing beh▓ind thei

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r mothers and learning survival skills, such as foraging, in the first▓ quarter of this year.It was the latest ide▓ntification of new panda cubs in the area, which has the largest population of wild▓ giant pandas among China's 67 nature reserves▓

.The fourth national survey on giant pandas, released in 2015, sa▓id there were 110 wild pandas living in the Baishuijiang area. A total of 1▓,864 lived in China.The Baishuijiang nature reserve has employed infrared cameras▓ since 2012 to moni

tor giant panda▓s, but this is the first time that four pairs of p▓andas have been spotted."In the past, we found one pair every quarter at most," said He Liwen, director of the Baishuijiang reserve. The cubs' body sizes suggested that two of the

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m w▓ere a year and a half old, while the other two were almost 2 years old▓."The four pair

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s were caught in different places remote from each other. It's very easy to see the differences," ▓he said. "So we can be sure of the ▓number."Baishuijiang staff member▓s also spotted rare wildlife, including golden mon▓keys, Asian golden cats and gaze

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lles.The ▓reserve director attributed the good news to the government's emphasis on ▓protecting the ecosystem

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and local resi▓dents' efforts to preserve the natural panda habitat over many years."I▓t's a process of consistent, incremental progres▓s," He said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us o▓n InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us ▓on WechatFirst Marathon forum at birthplac▓e of Marathon race builds new bridges of ▓Sino-Greek cooperationFirst Marathon forum at b▓irthplace of Marathon race buil▓ds new bridges of Sino-Greek cooperationFirst Marathon forum at birthplace of Marathon ra▓ce builds new bridges of Sino-Greek ▓cooperation04-28-2018 08:55 BJTThe first Maratho▓n Forum aiming to further promote t

, the scope of use should be strictly supervised ▓to avoid legal and moral risks, Zhu Wei, a professor at the